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Featured fan Funny F.A.Q. of the Day

TheArabBitch said:

-I get this question a lot, and once again I'll say the same thing; You will be better off without knowing that, SON.

Funny F.A.Q.

1- Whats a Fuck?
No. Not FUCK, FAQ. As in Frequently Asked Questions.

2-Are you a Douche?
Yes. And so are you. And your dog. 

3-Where do you live?
Your Pants.

4-Why you racist dawg?
We're not racist. All of the comedy bids are for entertainment purposes only. Aight homey?

5-Why are you like, sooo OMG sexist?
We're not sexist. All Comedy Bids are for entertainment purposes only. OK? Good. Now go make me a sandwich in the kitchen where you belong. 

6-What programs do you use?
Well, considering that I make YouTube videos, I use Google Chrome for the internet , WordPad for writing words on a Pad, and iTunes for Music.

7-Whats up?
The sky.

8-Who's your favorite band?
The Im Doing Yo Mom Orchestra

9- Are you single?
I have to ask my mom. OHP. She said no. 

10-Whats up?
The Ground. 

11-Whats your --------?
Wait what?

12-When are you updating DAILY BLOG???
When are you gonna stop asking me questions and get a haircut?

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