DoucheBag Films, Inc.
Guys, you have no idea how hard it is to fully create a website from scratch. ITS EFFIN' HARD. I mean, we have been editing INGAJED for like 3 weeks straight! When we're in school EDIT. When i get home, EAT. Finish eating, EDIT. Take a break, EDIT. Go to sleep, go to school, study, free hour, EDIT. 

I mean, I knew it was gonna be harder than DoucheBag Films since it has a sh*t load lot less pages but seriously! 

Search for Images, make headers, create pages, organize pages, edit headers, fix page orders, create headers, make even more pages, add content, add fun, add a disclaimer, create body text, make titles, repeat steps on other pages, make synopses, fix headers, add links, fix links, verify, confirm, review, double check, fix OH MY LORD!

Plus i have to update DoucheBag frequently if I dont wanna lose site visitors. Sorry my rant moment there. Just wanted to et you guys know that the site is almost finished. Well, i say almost since all MY work is done. all that is left is for Ade to add his synopses, and Gabe to make his Platformer game a story so i can proof it, and also Adriel's, and effin' publish it. and yes I said PROOF. as in see their errors and a little bit more of drama and intensity or redact their stories into more intrusive texts, making the readers more immersed in the reading. 

Well, thats all the updates for now guys. Bored, and gotta go find the Douches so they can get to work. 

PEAS OUT. ( yes peas as in the vegetable )

HEY PERSONS!!!!! We havent updated this in a long time but who cares! Anywho, we're making another site; GAJ INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT & DEVELOPMENT. Its not published yet cause we arent finished but ill let youguys know when its done so you can go check it out. Later people who i dont care about! JK

Hey... random person i dont know!

The reason I havent been able to update my site is because my PC broke. So yeah you probably get it by now.

BUTT! No not THAT butt, BUT, i decided to edit SOMETHING on my librarian's PC. So.... this is supposed to be SCHOOL RELATED.... so......... i have a pencil...?

There, took care of that! 

But guys, we're working on other things outside of YouTube. School is super intrusive in our work related schedule. And since i dont have a computer to work in, i rely on my other black friend who doesnt speak english that has a computer to do my vids. And since my "co-workers"and by that i mean school mates, are sooooo cooperative and follow every single instruction i say... i couldnt do my planned out videos.

Sorry douches.... but i promise i'll make cool stuff soon...............and by soon i mean when my PC get fixed...

Later...................................................................................................................................ok bye. 
Im been having a lot of Video Making problems lately. 

Till now, Ive been making videos with my HP's webcam and Windows Movie Maker. I wanted better equipment, but i dont rely on economic resources. So I needed an HD Camcorder under $200. I started searching for it on ebay. Then I realized I dont have an eBay account. 

......Stupid from my part much?

So i created one but then forgot the password when i tried to log in. I know....i need help.

So i searched at for stuff at that price and I was unsuccessful. Lately, my Mom's computer has been actin all outta wack. And she is a Graphic Designer/Artist/Advertiser. So she relies on her computer to work. When we went to Best Buy they told my mom they had to ship it out, and it took like 2 weeks, and the Monitor, about 3 weeks. 

So she left it, and used her old one in the mean time. But ALSO in the mean time, while we were there, I decided that even though I didnt have enough cash, Id check out the cameras. There were a few at like $189.99 and $191.99 so they were reachable but i had $165. No dealio for Julio at Best Buy-lio!

After we left, My mom had to do some grocieries, so we went to SAM'S. And I also took that opportunity to go to their electronics department. And there was something I could reach! The Sony Bloggie FULL HD camera for $178.99. So it was closer to my budget. I was thinking of getting it if my grandma cooperated with some ca$h. So i went to again to see if they had it at an even lower price. and it was!! $169.99!! So i decided to go with that one. 

While I was on the product page, i saw that it had a 2.7star rating (2.7 out of 5). So read the TERRIFYING reviews. and I decided NOT to buy it. 

So after being desperate, i checked out the Flips. And i saw that they had the black on eon sale for $156.99!!! ITS IN MY BUDGET! so the next day i went over to buy it. And I found out that they had it on clearance for $105.99!!! I BOUGHT IT WITH THE 2-YEAR INSURANCE PROTECTION PLAN!! I got home, and recorded a video and when i went to my HP to pass it, the FlipShare app didnt work. It wasnt responding and the camera's USB arm was bent over and couldnt charge (no wonder they had it on clearence...) (just kidding, it was new) so i went back to BestBuy at like 8 in the night  to refund it. But after an empty promise of having the HD one in stock, and making me and my aunt waste 1-2 hours standing up; we left there empty handed. The guy told us they had one in stock at another Best Buy outta town. So after that, like 2 days later, we went there and got it. THANK GOD. But be sure to come back and read Part 2 of Problems, cause later that day... I had some HORRIFIC issues with my Video editing software.