DoucheBag Films, Inc.
Guys, you have no idea how hard it is to fully create a website from scratch. ITS EFFIN' HARD. I mean, we have been editing INGAJED for like 3 weeks straight! When we're in school EDIT. When i get home, EAT. Finish eating, EDIT. Take a break, EDIT. Go to sleep, go to school, study, free hour, EDIT. 

I mean, I knew it was gonna be harder than DoucheBag Films since it has a sh*t load lot less pages but seriously! 

Search for Images, make headers, create pages, organize pages, edit headers, fix page orders, create headers, make even more pages, add content, add fun, add a disclaimer, create body text, make titles, repeat steps on other pages, make synopses, fix headers, add links, fix links, verify, confirm, review, double check, fix OH MY LORD!

Plus i have to update DoucheBag frequently if I dont wanna lose site visitors. Sorry my rant moment there. Just wanted to et you guys know that the site is almost finished. Well, i say almost since all MY work is done. all that is left is for Ade to add his synopses, and Gabe to make his Platformer game a story so i can proof it, and also Adriel's, and effin' publish it. and yes I said PROOF. as in see their errors and a little bit more of drama and intensity or redact their stories into more intrusive texts, making the readers more immersed in the reading. 

Well, thats all the updates for now guys. Bored, and gotta go find the Douches so they can get to work. 

PEAS OUT. ( yes peas as in the vegetable )


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